1. A son of Adrastus and Amphithea or Demonassa. (Apollod. i. 9. § 13; Hygin. Fab. 71.) He was the only one among the Epigones that fell in the war against Thebes. (Apollod. iii. 7. § 3; Paus. ix. 5. § 7; compare ADRASTUS.) He was worshipped as a hero at Pegae in Megaris, and it was believed that his body had been conveyed thither from Thebes and been buried there. (Paus. i. 44. § 7.)

2. A son of Inachus and the Oceanid Melia, from whom the part of Peloponnesus afterwards called Achaia derived its name of Aegialeia. (Apollod. ii. 1. § 1.) According to a Sicyonian tradition he was an autochthon, brother of Phoroneus and first king of Sicyon, to whom the foundation of the town of Aegialeia was ascribed. (Paus. ii. 5. § 5, vii. 1. § 1.)

3. A son of Aeëtes. [See ABSYRTUS.]