A patronymic given to the sons of Aeolus, as Athamas (Ov. Met. iv. 511), Magnes (Paus. vi. 21. § 7), Macareus (Ov. Met. ix. 506), Misenus (Virg. Aen. vi. 164), Sisyphus (Ov. Met. xiii. 26; Hom. Il. vi. 154), Cretheus (Hom. Od. xi. 237), Iocastus (Tzetz. ad Lycophr. 732); and to his grandsons, as Cephalus (Ov. Met. vi. 621), Odysseus (Virg. Aen. vi. 529), and Phryxus. (Val. Flacc. i. 286.) Aeolis is the patronymic of the female descendants of Aeolus, and is given to his daughters Canace and Alcyone. (Ov. Met. xi. 573; Heroid. xi. 5.)