1. An Arcadian hero, from whom the Arcadian plain Alcimedon derived its name. He was the father of Phialo, by whom Heracles begot a son, Aechmagoras, whom Alcimedon exposed, but Heracles saved. (Paus. viii. 12. § 2.) [See AECHMAGORAS].

2. One of the Tyrrhenian sailors, who wanted to carry off the infant Dionysus from Naxos, but was metamorphosed, with his companions, into a dolphin. (Ov. Met. iii. 618; Hygin. Fab. 134 ; comp. ACOETES.)

3. A son of Laerceus, and one of the commanders of the Myrmidons under Patroclus. (Hom. Il. xvi. 197, xvii. 475, &c.)