1. A son of Talaus and Lysimache, and brother of Adrastus. (Apollod. i. 9. § 13.) He was the father of Hippomedon, one of the seven heroes against Thebes. (Apollod. iii. 6. § 3.) Hyginus (Fab. 70) makes Hippomedon a son of a sister of Adrastus. (Comp. Paus. x. 10. § 2.)

2. A son of Cleodemus or Cleodaeus, and greatgrandson of Heracles, was the father of Temenus, Cresphontes, and Aristodemus. He marched into Peloponnesus at the time when Tisamenus, the son of Orestes, ruled over the Peninsula; but his expedition failed as he had misunderstood the oracle, and he fell in battle. (Apollod. ii. 8. § 2; Paus. ii. 7. § 6; Herod. vi. 52.)

3. Another Aristomachus occurs in Paus. vi. 21. § 7.