1. A daughter of Phegeus, and wife of Alcmaeon. As she disapproved of the murder of Alcmaeon, the sons of Phegeus put her into a chest and carried her to Agapenor at Tegea, where they accused her of having killed Alcmaeon herself. (Apollod. iii. 7. § 5; see ALCMAEON, AGENOR.)

2. The nurse of Orestes, who saved him from the hands of his mother Clytemnestra, and carried him to the aged Strophius, the father of Pylades. (Pind. Pyth. xi. 25, 54.) Other traditions called this nurse Laodameia. (Schol. ad Pind. 1. c.)

3. A daughter of Leucippus and Philodice, and sister of Hilaeira and Phoebe, the wives of the Dioscuri. By Apollo she became the mother of Eriopis, and the Messenian tradition regarded Asclepius also as her son. (Apollod. iii. 10. § 3 ; Paus. ii. 26. § 6; Schol. ad Pind. Pyth. iii. 14 ; Cic. de Nat. Deor. iii. 22.) At Sparta she had a sanctuary and was worshipped as a heroine. (Paus. iii. 12. § 7.)