Or Asterios.

1. A son of Teutamus, and king of the Cretans, who married Europa after she had been carried to Crete by Zeus. He also brought up the three sons, Minos, Sarpedon, and Rhadamanthys whom she had by the father of the gods. (Apollod. iii. 1. § 2, &c.; Diod. iv. 60.)

2. A son of Cometes, Pyremus, or Priscus, by Antigone, the daughter of Pheres. He is mentioned as one of the Argonauts. (Apollon. Rhod. i. 35; Paus. v. 17. § 4; Hygin. Fab. 14; Valer. Flacc. i. 355.)

3. A river-god [see ACRAEA].

4. A son of Minos, who was slain by Theseus. (Paus. ii. 31. § 1.)