The charioteer of Amphiaraus. Both belonged to the house of Melampus, and both were swallowed up by the earth after the battle of Thebes. Baton was afterwards worshipped as a hero, and had a sanctuary at Argos. He was represented on the chest of Cypselus, and at Delphi his statue stood by the side of that of Amphiaraus, both having been dedicated there by the Argives. (Apollod. iii. 6. § 8; Paus. ii. 23. § 2, v. 17. § 4, x. 10. § 2.) Stephanus of Byzantium (s. v. Harpuia) states that, after the disappearance of Amphiaraus, Baton emigrated to the town of Harpyia in Illyria; but Stephanus seems to confound here the mythical Baton with the historical person mentioned in the following article.