1. A son of Vulcan [Greek Hephaestus] and Minerva [Greek Athena], who burnt himself that he might not be taunted with his ugliness. (Ov. Ibis, 517.)

2. One of the fighters at the marriage of Phineus. (Ov. Met. v. 106.)

3. A Lapith, who was slain at the marriage of Pirithous. (Ov. Met. xii. 260.)

4. The father of Tantalus, who had been married to Clytaemnestra before Agamemnon. The common account, however, is, that Thyestes was the father of this Tantalus. (Paus. ii. 22. § 4.)

5. A son of Tantalus, who, according to a tradition of the Magnetes, had made the most ancient statue of the mother of the gods on the rock of Coddinos. (Paus. iii. 22. § 4.)