An Attic hero, who is mentioned only by Demosthenes (De Coron. p. 270), and is otherwise entirely unknown. Comp. Hesych. and Suid. s. v. Kalamitês.) The commentators on Demosthenes have endeavoured in various ways to gain a definite notion of Calamites : some think that Calamites is a false reading for Cyamites, and others that the name is a mere epithet, and that iatpos is understood. According to the latter view, Calamites would be a hero of the art of surgery, or a being well skilled in handling the kalamos or reed which was used in dressing fractured arms and legs. Others again find in Calamites the patron of the art of writing and of writing masters. (Comp. Jahn, Jahrb. für Philol. u. Paed. for 1838.)