1. A daughter of Boreas and Oreithyia, and sister of Cleopatra, Zetes, and Calais. She became by Poseidon the mother of Eumolpus, and in order to conceal the event, she threw the boy into the sea; but the child was saved by Poseidon. (Apollod. iii. 15. §§ 2, 4 ; Paus. i. 38. § 3.)

2. A daughter of Daedalion, who was beloved by Apollo and Hermes on account of her beauty. She gave birth to twins, Autolycus and Philammon, the former a son of Hermes and the latter of Apollo. She was killed by Artemis for having found fault with the beauty of that goddess, and her father in his grief threw himself from a rock of Parnassus, but in falling he was changed by Apollo into a hawk. Chione is also called Philonis. (Ov. Met. xi. 300, &c.; Hygin. Fab. 200; comp. AUTOLYCUS.)

3. The mother of three Hyperborean giants by Boreas.

4. A daughter of the river Nile raped by an Indian peasant. (Serv. ad Aen. iv. 250.)

5. The mother of Priapus by Dionysus. [See PRIAPUS.]