1. A son of Pelops by the nymph Axioche or by Danais (Plut. Parall. Hist. Gr. et Rom. 33), and accordingly a stepbrother of Alcathous, Atreus, and Thyestes. While still a boy, he was carried off by king Laius of Thebes, who instructed him in driving a chariot. (Apollod. iii. 5. § 5.) According to others, he was carried off by Theseus during the contests celebrated by Pelops (Hygin. Feb. 271); but Pelops recovered him by force of arms. His step-mother Hippodameia hated him, and induced her sons Atreus and Thyestes to kill him; whereas, according to another tradition, Chrysippus was killed by his father Pelops himself. (Paus. vi. 20. § 4; Hygin. Flb. 85; Schol. ad Thuc. i. 9.)

2. A second mythical Chrysippus is mentioned by Apollodorus (ii. 1. § 5).