1. An Italian hero, a son of Jupiter (Zeus), and husband of Electra, the daughter of Atlas, by whom he became the father of Jasius and Dardanus. He is described as king of Tuscia, and as the founder of Corythus. (Cortona; Serv. ad Aen. iii. 167, vii. 207, x. 719.)

2. A son of Paris and Oenone. He loved Helena and was beloved by her, and was therefore killed by his own father. (Parthen. Erot. 34.) According to other traditions, Oenone made use of him for the purpose of provoking the jealousy of Paris, and thereby causing the ruin of Helena. (Conon, Narrat. 22; Tzetz. ad Lycoph. 57.) Others again call Corythus a son of Paris by Helena. (Dictys. Cret. v. 5.)

3. There are four other mythical personages of this name. (Ptolem. Heph. ii. p. 311; Ov. Met. v. 125, xii. 290; Paus. i. 4. § 6.)