1. daughter of Deioneus and the wife of Ixion. (Schol. ad Pind. Pyth ii. 39.) Her father is also called Eioneus. (Diod. iv. 69; Schol. ad Apollon. Rhod. iii. 62.) By Ixion, or according to others, by Zeus (Hygin. Fab. 155), she became the mother of Peirithous, who received his name from the circumstance, that Zeus when he attempted to seduce her, ran around her (peritheein) in the form of a horse. (Eustath. ad Hom. p. 101.)

2. Dia is also used as a surname of Hebe or Ganymede, who had temples under this name at Phlius and Sicyon. (Strab. viii. p. 382; Paus. ii. 13. § 3.)

3. There are two other mythical personages of this name. ( Schol. ad Pind. 01. i. 144; Tzetz. ad Lycop. 480.) [See PHINEUS.]