1. A son of Aegimius, and brother of Pamphylus and Hyllus. The three tribes into which each Doric state was divided, derived their names from these three brothers, and were called accordingly Hylleis, Dymanes, and Pamphyli. Dymas and Pamphylus were believed to have lived from the time of Heracles until the conquest of Peloponnesus, when both fell. (Apollod ii. 8. § 3; Schol. ad Pind. Pyth. li. 121, where the third brother is called Dorus; Paus. vii. 16. § 3.)

2. There are three other mythical personages of this name. (Hom. Il. xvi. 719; Apollod. iii. 12. § 5 ; Ov. Met. xi. 761; Hom. Od. vi. 22; Virg. Aen. ii 310, 428.)