1. A son of Arcas by Leaneira, Metaneira, or by the nymph Chrysopeleia. He was a brother of Azan and Apheidas, and king of Arcadia. By his wife Laodice he had four sons, Stymphalus, Aepytus, Cyllen, and Pereus. (Apollod. iii. 9. § 1, 10. § 3; Paus. viii. 4. § 2.) He is also called the father of Ischys (Pind. Pyth. iii. 31) and of Dotis. (Steph. Byz. s. v. Dôtion.) He is said to have resided on mount Cyllene, and to have gone from thence to Phocis, where he protected the Phocians and the Delphic sanctuary against the Phlegyans, and founded the town of Elateia. (Paus. l. c., x. 34. § 3.) A statue of his stood in the market-place of Elateia, and another at Tegea. (Paus. x. 34. § 3, viii. 48. § 6.)

2. A prince of the Lapithae at Larisa in Thessaly, was married to Hippeia, by whom he became the father of Caeneus and Polyphemus, both of whom took part in the expedition of the Argonauts. (Hygin. Fab. 11; Ov. Met. xii. 497.) He is sometimes confounded with the Arcadian Elatus. (Müller, Orchom. pp. 186, 191, 2d. edit.)

3. There are four more mythical personages of this name. (Hom. Il. vi. 33, Od. xxii. 268; Apollod. ii. 5. § 4; Apollon. Rhod. i. 101.)