1. A daughter of Icarius, seduced by Bacchus, who came into her father's house. (Ov. Met. vi. 125; Hygin. Fab. 130; comp. ICARIUS.)

2. A daughter of Aegisthus and Clytaemnestra, and by Orestes the mother of Penthilus. (Paus. ii. 18. §5.) Hyginus (Fab. 122), on the other hand, relates that Orestes wanted to kill her like her mother, but that Artemis removed her to Attica, and there made her her priestess. Others state, that Erigone put an end to herself when she heard that Orestes was acquitted by the Areiopagus. (Dict. Cret. vi. 4.)

3. A third Erigone is mentioned by Servius. (Ad Virg. Eclog. iv. 6.)