1. A Cabeirus, a son of Hephaestus and Cabeiro, and a brother of Alcon. (Nonn. Dionys. xiv. 22; Cic. de Nat. Deor. iii. 21.)

2. One of the attendants of Nestor. (Hom. Il. viii. 114, xi. 620.)

3. A son of Ptolemaeus, and charioteer of Agamemnon; his tomb was shown at Mycenae. (Hom. Il. iv. 228; Paus. ii. 16. § 5.)

4. Eurymedon signifies a being ruling far and wide, and occurs as a surname of several divinities, such as Poseidon (Pind. Ol. viii. 31), Perseus (Apollon. Rhod. iv. 1514), and Hermes. (Hesvch. s. v.)

5. A Titan. [See PROMETHEUS.]

6. There are two more mythical personages of this name. (Hom. Od. vii. 58; Apollod. iii. 1. § 2.) [See PAREIA, No. 2.]