1. Or Hellotis, a surname of Athena at Corinth. According to the scholiast on Pindar (Ol. xiii. 56), the name was derived from the fertile marsh (helos) near Marathon, where Athena had a sanctuary; or from Hellotia, one of the daughters of Timander, who fled into the temple of Athena when Corinth was burnt down by the Dorians, and was destroyed in the temple with her sister Eurytione. Soon after, a plague broke out at Corinth, and the oracle declared that it should not cease until the souls of the maidens were propitiated, and a sanctuary should be erected to Athena Hellotis. Respecting the festival of the Hellotia, see Dict. of Ant. s. v

2. Hellotis was also a surname of Europe in Crete, where also a festival, Hellotia, was celebrated to her. (Dict. of Ant. s. v.)