1. The wife of Danaus and mother of Hippodice and Adiante. (Apollod. ii. 1. § 5.)

2. A daughter of Cecrops and sister of Agraulos, Pandrosos, and Erysichthon. She was the beloved of Hermes, and the mother of Cephalus. (Paus. i. 2. § 5; Apollod. iii. 14. § 2, &c.; Ov. Met. ii. 724.) Respecting her story, see AGRAULOS. At Athens sacrifices were offered to her, and the maidens who carried the vessels containing the libation (hersê) were called errêphoroi. (Paus. i. 27. § 4; Hesych. and Moeris, s. v.)

3. Or Ersa, the goddess of the dew, a daughter of Zeus and Selene.