1. The father of Actor the Argonaut. (Apollod. i. 9. § 16; Hygin. Fab. 14.)

2. A son of Ceyx, king of Trachis, and the companion of Heracles in the war against Oechalia, was slain by Eurytus. (Apollod. ii. 7. § 7.)

3. A centaur, who was slain by Theseus, at the wedding of Peirithous. (Ov. Met. xii. 352.)

4. A son of Leucippe. [See ALCATHOE.]

5. A son of Eurytus, was one of the Calydonian hunters. (Hygin. Fab. 173; Ov. Met. viii. 313.)

6. A son of Priam. (Hyg. Fab. 90.)

7. A son of Hippomedon and Ocyrhoe, who was a Phrygian ally of Troy in the Trojan War.