1. A daughter of Oenomaus. [See OENOMAUS and PELOPS.]

2. A daughter of Atrax, and wife of Peirithous. [See PEIRITHOUS.]

3. The wife of Alcathous, and eldest daughter of Anchises, was the favourite of her parents. (Hom. II. xiii. 430, &c.)

4. The real name of Briseis (the daughter of Brises), the beloved slave of Achilles. She was originally married to Mynes, who was slain by Achilles at the taking of Lyrnesus. (Schol.ad Hom. Il. i. 184; Hom. Il. ii. 689, xix. 291, &c. ; Dictys Cret. ii. 17.)

5. The wife of Amyntor, and mother of Phoenix. (Eust.ad Hom. p.762; Hom. Il. ix. 450.)