1. A son of Dardanus and Chryse, and brother of Deimas, went with his father from Peloponnesus, by way of Samothrace, to Phrygia, and settled on the mountains of Phrygia, which derived from him the name of Ida, or the Idaean mountains. He is further said to have instituted there the worship and mysteries of the Phrygian mother of the gods. (Dionys. Hal. i. 61.)

2. A son of Priam. (Ptolem. Hephaest. 5.)

3. A son of Paris and Helena. (Tzetz. ad Lycoph. 845; Dictys Cret. v. 5.)

4. A herald of the Trojans. (Hom. Il. iii. 247, vii. 276, 381, 413, xxiv. 325.)

5. A son of Dares, the Trojan priest of Hephaestus. (Hom. Il. v. 11.)

6. The name Idaeus also occurs as a surname of Zeus (Hom. Il. xvi. 605), and of Heracles, as an Idaean Dactyl. (Paus. v. 8. § 1.)