1. A son of Alcinous, king of the Phaeacians, and Arete, was the favourite of his father. (Hom. Od. vii. 170, viii. 116, &c., 130, 370.)

2. A son of Antenor, was slain at Troy by the Telamonian Ajax. (Hom. Il xv. 516.)

3. A son of Eteocles, and king of Thebes: in his youth he had been under the guardianship of Creon. (Paus. i. 39. § 2.) It was in his reign that the Epigoni marched against Thebes. Laodamas offered them a battle on the river Glisas, and slew their leader Aegialeus, but he himself was killed by Alcmaeon. (Apollod. iii. 7. § 3.) Others related, that after the battle was lost, Laodamas fled in the night with the remnant of his army, and took refuge in the territory of the Encheleans in Illyricum. (Paus. ix. 5. § 7; Herod. v. 61.)

4. [See HECTOR.]