A son of Apollo and Stilbe, the brother of Centaurus, and husband of Orsinome, the daughter of Eurynomus, by whom he became the father of Phorbas, Triopas, and Periphas. He was regarded as the ancestor of the Lapithae in the mountains of Thessaly. (Hom. Il. xii. 128; Diod. iv. 69, v. 61.) They were governed by Peirithous, who being a son of Ixion, was a half-brother of the Centaurs. The latter, therefore, demanded their share in their father's kingdom, and, as their claims were not satisfied, a war arose between the Lapithae and Centaurs, which, however, was terminated by a peace. But when Peirithous married Hippodameia, and invited the Centaurs to the solemnity, a bloody war, stirred by Ares, broke out between the Lapithae and Centaurs, in which the latter were defeated; but the Lapithae were afterwards humbled by Heracles. (Hom. Od. xxi. 295, II. xii. 128, 181; Orph. Argon. 413; Diod. iv. 70; Paus. i. 7. § 2, v. 10. § 8 ; Strab. ix. p. 439; Ov. Met. xii. 210, &c.; Horat. Carm. i. 18. 5; Plin. H. N. iv. 8, 15, xxxvi. 5, 4.)