1. A king of the Dolopians, in the island of Scyros, near Euboea, father of Deidameia, and grandfather of Pyrrhus or Neoptolemus. (Apollod. iii. 13. § 8.) Once when Theseus came to him, Lycomedes, dreading the influence of the stranger upon his own sub ects, thrust him down a rock. Some related that the cause of this violence was, that Lycomedes would not give up the estates which Theseus had in Scyros, or the circumstance that Lycomedes wanted to gain the favour of Menestheus. (Plut. Thes. 35; Paus. i. 17, in fin.; Tzetz. ad Lycoph. 1324; Soph. Phil. 243; Apollod. iii. 13.)

2. A son of Creon, one of the Greek warriors at Troy (Hom. Il. ix. 84); he was represented as a wounded man by Polygnotus in the Lesche at Delphi. (Paus. x. 25. § 2.)

3. A son of Apollo and Parthenope (Paus. vii. 4. § 2.)