1. A daughter of Cheiron, is also called Euippe. Being with child by Aeolus, she fled to mount Pelion; but Cheiron made search after her; and in order that her condition might not become known, she prayed to be metamorphosed into a mare. Artemis granted the prayer, and in the form of a horse she was placed among the stars. (Eratosth. Catust. 18; Aristoph. Thesm. 512; Hygin. Fab. 86.) Another account describes her metamorphosis as a punishment for having despised Artemis or divulged the counsels of the gods. (Hygin. Poet. Astr. ii. 18.)

2. The wife of Hippotes and the mother of Aeolus. (Diod. iv. 67.)

3. A daughter of Aeolus, or, according to others, of Hippotes or Desmontes. (Schol. ad Hom. Od. x. 2; Hygin. Fab. 186.)

4. A queen of the Amazons, whom Heracles, in his fight with the Amazons, restored to freedom in consequence of a present she gave him. (Diod. iv. 16; Schol. ad Pind. Nem. iii. 64; Apollon. Rhod. ii. 966.)

5. For two other mythical personages of this name, see BOEOTUS and MELEAGER.