1. A nymph, a daughter of Oceanus, became by Inachus the mother of Phoroneus and Aegialeus or Phegeus. (Apollod. ii. 1. § 1; Schol. ad Eurip. Orest. 920.)

2. A nymph, by Seilenus she became the mother of the centaur Pholus (Apollod. ii. 5. § 4).

3. A nymph, by Poseidon of Amycus. (Apollon. Rhod. ii. 4; Serv. ad Aen. v. 373.)

4. A daughter of Oceanus, carried off by Apollo, and became by him the mother of Ismenius (some call her own brother Ismenus, Schol. ad Pind. Pyth. xi. 5; Tzetz. ad Lyc. 1211), and of the seer Tenerus. She was worshipped in the Apollinian sanctuary, the Ismenium, near Thebes. (Paus. ix. 10. § 5, 26, § 1; Strab. p. 413. )

5. A Bithynian nymph, the mother of Dolion by Seilenus.

6. One of the Corycian nymphs who was the mother of Ceos by Apollo.

7. In the plural form nymphs of the ash-trees. [See MELIAE.]