1. A Theban, grandson of Pentheus, and father of Hipponome, Jocaste or Epicaste, and Creon. (Apollod. ii. 4. § 5, iii. 5. § 7; Eurip. Phoen. 10, and the schol. on 942.)

2. A grandson of the former, and a son of Creon. (Eurip. Phoen. 768.) In the war of the Seven Argives against Thebes, Teiresias declared that the Thebans should conquer, if Menoeceus would sacrifice himself for his country. Menoeceus accordingly killed himself outside the gates of Thebes (Eurip. Phoen. 913, 930; Apollod. iii. 6. § 7). Pausanias (ix. 25. § 1) relates that Menoeceus killed himself in consequence of an oracle of the Delphian god. His tomb was shown at Thebes near the Neitian gate. (Paus. l. c.; comp. Stat. Theb. x. 755, &c., 790.)