1. A son of Eurystheus, fell, like his father and brothers, in a battle against the Heracleids and Athenians. (Diod. iv. 57; Apollod. ii. 8. § 1.)

2. A son of Heracles by Asopis. (Apollod. ii. 7. § 8.)

3. A son of Alcimus and a friend of Odysseus, who, on quitting Ithaca, entrusted to him the care of his house. (Hom. Od. ii. 226, &c., xxii. 235.) Athena assumed his appearance when she conducted Telemachus to Pylos. (Od. ii. 269, 402, iii. 13, &c., iv. 654.) On Odysseus' return, Mentor assisted him in the contest with the suitors, and brought about a reconciliation between him and the people (xxii. 206, xxiv. 445, &c.).

4. The father of Imbrius, and son of Imbrus, at Pedaeus, was an ally of the Trojans. (Hom. Il. xiii. 171.)