1. A daughter of Oceanus, and by Clymenus the mother of Phaëton. (Hygin. Fab. 154.)

2. One of the Heliades or sisters of Phaëton. (Ov. Met. ii. 340, &c.; Hygin. Fab. 154.)

3. A daughter of Atlas, one of the Pleiades, and the wife of Sisyphus of Corinth, by whom she became the mother of Glaucus. In the constellation of the Pleiades she is the seventh and the least visible star, because she is ashamed of having had intercourse with a mortal man. (Apollod. i. 9. § 3, iii. 10. 1; Ov. Fast. iv. 175; Eustath. ad Hom. p. 1155; Serv. ad Virg. Geory. i. 138; comp. Hom. Il. vi. 154; Schol. ad Pind. Nem. ii. 16; SISYPHUS.)

4. A daughter of Oenopion and Helice in Chios, is also called Haero, Aerope, and Maerope. She was beloved by Orion, who was, in consequence, blinded by her father. (Apollod. i. 4. § 3; Hygin. Poet. Astr. ii. 34.)

5. The wife of Megareus, by whom she became the mother of Hippomenes. (Hygin. Fab. 185.)

6. A daughter of Cypselus, and wife of Cresphontes, and afterwards of Polyphontes, and mother of Aepytus. (Apollod. ii. 8. § 5; Paus iv. 3. § 3, &c.; Hygin. Fab. 184; comp. AEPYTUS.)

7. One of the daughters of Pandareos. [See PANDAREOS.]