1. A son of Erechtheus and Praxithea, and husband of Alcippe. His sons, the Metionidae, expelled their cousin Pandion front his kingdom of Athens, but were themselves afterwards expelled by the sons of Pandion (Apollod. iii. 15. §§ 1, 5. 6. 8; Paus. i. 5. § 3). Diodorus (iv. 76) calls Daedalus one of the sons of Metion, and Metion himself a son of Eupalamus and grandson of Erechtheus (comp. Plat. Ion, p. 533, a.; Paus. vii. 4. § 5). Apollodorus (iii. 15. § 8) on the other hand, calls Eupalamus a son of Metion and father of Daedalus. According to a Sicyonian legend, Sicyon also was a son of Metion and a grandson of Erechtheus. (Paus. ii. 6. § 3; comp. Schol. ad Soph. Oed. Col. 468, who calls the wife of Metion Iphinoë.)

2. [See PHORBAS, No. 7.]