1. A Centaur. (Hes. Scut. Herc. 186.)

2. A giant who is said to have been killed by Ares, or by Zeus with a flash of lightning (Apollon. Rhod. iii 1227; Eurip. Ion, 215). The island of Prochyte, near Sicily, was believed to rest upon his body. (Sil. Ital. xii. 147.)

3. A son of Aeolus, king of Aeolis, and father of Hippotes. (Diod. iv. 67.)

4. A son of Amycus and Theano, was born in the same night as Paris. He was a companion of Aeneas, and slain by Mezentius. (Virg. Aen. x. 702, &c.)

5. A Bebryx, who was slain by Castor during the expedition of the Argonauts. (Apollon. Rhod. ii. 105.)