A son of Chryses, and the ancestral hero of the race of the Minyans; but the accounts of his genealogy vary very much in the different traditions, for some call him a son of Orchomenus or Eteocles, others of Poseidon, Aleus, Ares, Sisyphus, or Halmus. He is further called the husband of Tritoleneia, Clytodora, or Phanosyra. Orchomenus, Presbon, Athamas, Diochthondas, Eteoclymene, Periclymene, Leucippe, Arsinoë, and Alcithoë, are mentoned as his children. (Paus. ix. 36. § 3. &c., 381. § 2; Schol. ad Apollon Rhod. i. 230, ad Pind. Ol. xiv. 5, Pyth. iv. 120; Tzetz. ad Lyc. 875.) He is said to have built the first treasury, of which ruins are said to be still extant. (Paus. ix. 38. § 2.) His tomb was shown at Orchomenos in Boeotia (ix. 381. § 3).