1. A nymph, who became by Helios the mother of Lampetia and Phaetusa. (Hom. Od. xii. 133.)

2. A daughter of Pereus, and the wife of Aleus, by whom she became the mother of Auge, Cepheus, and Lycurgus. (Apollod. iii. 9. § 1; Paus. viii. 4. § 3, who calls her the wife of Autolycus.)

3. One of the daughters of Niobe. (Apollod. iii. 5. § 3.)

4. The wife of Strymon, and mother of Evadne. (Apollod. ii. § 2.)

5. A nymph, who became by Zeus the mother of Aegle. (Virg. Eclog. vi. 20; comp. AEGLE, No. 1.)

6. A nymph of Mount Sipylus in Lydia, the mother of Dresaeus by Theiodamas.