1. A son of Cynortas, and husband of Gorgophone, by whom he became the father of Tyndareos, Peirene, and Arene, was king of Sparta, where he was afterwards honoured with an heroum (Paus. iii. 1. § 3, 15. § 7, ii. 2. § 3, iv. 2. § 3). According to others he was a son of Perieres and a grandson of Cynortas, and was married to the nymph Bateia, by whom he had several children (Apollod. iii. 10. § 4; Schol. ad Eurip Orest. 447). The patronymic Oebalides is not only applied to his descendants, but to the Spartans generally, and hence it occurs as an epithet or surname of Hyacinthus, Castor, Pollux and Helena (Ov. Ib. 590, Fast. v. 705, Her. xvi. 126.)

2. A son of Telon by a nymph of the stream Sbethus near Naples. Telon, originally a king of the Teleboans. had come from the island of Taphos to Capreae, in Italy; and Oebalus settled in Campania. (Virg. Aea. vii. 734, with Serv. note.)