Or Oicleus (Oïxleus), a son of Antiphates, grandson of Melampus and father of Amphiaraus, of Argos. (Hom. Od. xv. 241, &c.) Diodorus (iv. 32) on the other hand, calls him a son of Amphiaraus, and Pausanias (vi. 17. § 4), a son of Mantius, the brother of Antiphates. Oicles accompanied Heracles on his expedition against Laomedon of Troy, and was there slain in battle. (Apollod. ii. 6. § 4; Diod. iv. 32.) According to other traditions he returned home from the expedition, and dwelt in Arcadia, where he was visited by his grandson Alcmaeon, and where in later times his tomb was shown. (Apollod. iii. 7. § 5; Paus. viii. 36. § 4.)