1. A Trojan, charioteer of Bianor, was slain by Agamemnon. (Hom. Il. xi. 93.)

2. A son of Hodoedocus and Laonome, grandson of Cynus, and great-grandson of Opus, was a king of the Locrians, and married to Eriopis, by whom he became the father of Ajax, who is hence called Oïlides or Oïliades. Oïleus was also the father of Medon by Rhene. (Hom. Il.ii. 527, 725, xiii. 697, 712; Propert. iv. 1. 117.) He is also mentioned among the Argonauts. (Apollod. v. 10. § 8 ; Apollon. Rhod. i. 74; Orph. Argon. 191.)