I.e. "the all-bedewing," or "refreshing," was a daughter of Cecrops and Agraulos, and a sister of Erysichthon, Herse, and Aglauros. According to some accounts she was by Hermes the mother of Ceryx (Pollux, Onom. viii. 9). She was worshipped at Athens, along with Thallo, and had a sanctuary there near the temple of Athena Polias (Apollod. ii. 14. §§ 2, 6; Paus. i. 2. § 5, 27. § 3, ix. 35. § 1). Respecting her probable representation in one of the pediments of the Parthenon, see Welcker, in the Class. Mus. vol. iii. p. 380, &c.