1. A daughter of Stymphalus, and by Heracles the mother of Eueres. (Apollod. ii. 7. § 8.)

2. A daughter of Ancaeus and Samia, became by Apollo the mother of Lycomedes. (Paus. vii. 4. § 2.)

3. One of the Seirens (Schol. ad Hom. Od. xii. 39; Aristot. Mir. Ausc. 103.) At Naples her tomb was shown, and a torch race was held every year in her honour. (Strab. v. p. 246; Tzetz. ad Lyc. 732.)

4. The wife of Oceanus, by whom she became the mother of Europa and Thrace. (Tzetz. ad Lyc. 894; comp. Schol. ad Aeschyl. Pers. 183.)