Also called Peneus, a Thessalian river god, and a son of Oceanus and Tethys. (Hes. Theog. 343; Hom. Il. ii. 757; Ov. Met. i. 568, &c.) By the Naiad Creusa he became the father of Hypseus, Stilbe, and Daphne. (Diod. i. 69; Ov. Am. iii. 6. 31; Hygin. Fab. 203 ; Serv. ad Aen. i. 93; Ov. Met. iv. 452; Pind. Pyth. ix. 26, where the Scholiast, instead of Creusa, mentions Phillyra, the daughter of Asopus.) Cyrene also is called by some his wife, and by others his daughter, and hence Peneius is called the genitor of Aristaeus. (Hygin. Fab. 161; Virg. Georg. iv. 355.)