Son of Hippalcmus and Asterope, and one of the Argonauts. He was the father of Opheltes, and is also mentioned among the suitors of Helen. (Apollod. i. 9. § 16, iii. 10. § 8, where he is erroneously called a son of Leïtus ; Diod. iv. 67; Paus. ix. 5. § 8; Hygin. Fab.. 97 ; Plut. Quaest. Gr. 37.) He was one of the leaders of the Boeotians in the war against Troy, where he slew Ilioneus and Lycon, and was wounded by Polydamas. (Hom. Il. ii. 494, xiv. 487, &c. xvi. 341, xvii. 597, &c.; comp. Virg. Aen. ii. 425.) He is said to have been slain by Eurypylus, the son of Telephus. (Paus. ix. 5. § 8; Dict. Cret. iv. 17.)