1. A son of Deion and Diomede, was married to Periclymene or Clymene, the daughter of Minyas, by whom he became the father of Iphiclus and Alcimede (Hom. Il. ii. 705; Apollod. i. 9. §§ 4, 12). He was believed to be the founder of the town of Phylace, in Thessaly (Eustath. ad Hom. p. 323). The patronymic Phylaceis is applied to his daughter Alcimede (Apollon. Rhod. i. 47), and his descendants, Phylacus, Iphiclus, and Protesilaus are called Phylacides. (Hom. Il. ii. 705; Propert. i. 19 ; comp. Hom. Od. xv. 231.)

2. A son of Iphiclus, and grandson of No. 1. (Eustath. ad Hom l. c.)

3. A Delphian hero, to whom a sanctuary was dedicated at Delphi. (Paus. x. 23. § 3, 8. § 4 ; Herod. viii. 39.)

4. A Trojan, who was slain by Leitus. (Hom. Il. xvi. 181.)