1. A son of Asclepius and Epione or Arsinoe, and a brother of Machaon, along with whom he led the Thessalians of Tricca against Troy (Hom. Il. ii. 729, &c.; Apollod. iii. 10. § 8; Paus. iv. 31. § 9). He was, like his brother, skilled in the medical art (Hom. Il. xi. 832, &c.). On his return from Troy he was cast by a storm on the coast of Syros in Caria, where he is said to have settled (Paus. ii. 26. § 7, iii. 26. § 7). He was worshipped as a hero on mount Dria. (Strab. vi. p. 284.)

2. Another mythical personage of this name occurs in Virgil. (Aen. xii. 304.)