Or Polyidus (Poluïdos).

1. A son of Coeranus, a grandson of Abas and a great-grandson of Melampus. He was, like his ancestor, a celebrated soothsayer at Corinth, and is described as the father of Euchenor, Astycrateia, and Manto. (Pind. Ol. xiii. 104; Hom. Il. xiii. 663, &c.; Paus. i. 43. § 5; Apollod. iii. 3. § 1.) When Alcathous had murdered his own son Callipolis at Megara, he was purified by Polyïdus, who erected at Megara a sanctuary to Dionysus, and a statue of the god, which was covered all over except the face. (Paus., Apollod. ll. cc. ; Hygin. Fab. 136.) [GLAUCUS, No. 6.]

2. A son of the Trojan Eurydamas, and a brother of Abas, was slain by Diomedes. (Hom. Il. v. 148.)