1. A centaur, probably the same whom Greek poets call Rhoecus. At the wedding of Peirithous he was wounded by Dryas and took to flight. (Ov. Met. xii. 300; comp. Virg. Georg. ii. 456.)

2. One of the giants who was slain by Bacchus (Horat. Carm. ii. 19, 23); he is usually called Eurytus. (Apollod. i. 6. § 2; comp. Virg. l. c.)

3. A companion of Phineus, was slain by Perseus. (Ov. Met. v. 38.)

4. A mythical king of the Marrubians in Italy, who married a second wife Casperia, with whom his son Anchemolus committed incest. In order to escape from his father's vengeance, Anchemolus fled to king Daunus. (Serv. ad Aen. x. 388.)