1. A son of Iphitus by Hippolyte, commanded the Phocians in the war against Troy, along with his brother Epistrophus. (Hom. Il. ii. 517, &c.) Apollodorus (iii. 10. § 8) calls Epistrophus the father of Schedius. He was slain by Hector (Il. xvii. 306, &c.; Paus. x. 4. § 1), and his remains were carried from Troy to Anticyra in Phocis. He was represented in the Lesche at Delphi. (Paus. x. 30. § 2, 36, in fin.)

2. A son of Perimedes, likewise a Phocian who was killed at Troy by Hector. (Hom. Il. xv. 515 ; comp. Strab. ix. p. 424.)