A surname of Athena, under which she had a temple in the Attic port of Phaleron, and in the island of Salamis (Paus. i. 1. § 4; Herod. viii. 94). In the month of Scirophorion a festival was celebrated at Athens in honour of her, which was called skiraphoria (Harpocr. s. v. Skiron). The foundation of the temple at Phaleron is ascribed by Pausanias to a soothsayer, Scirus of Dodona, who is said to have come to Attica at the time when the Eleusinians were at war with king Erechtheus. (Paus. i. 36. § 3 ; comp. Strab. ix. p. 393; Steph. Byz. s. v. Skiros.)