A son of Bias and Pero, and king of Argos. He was married to Lysimache (Eurynome, Hygin. Fab. 70, or Lysianassa, Paus. ii. 6. § 3), and was father of Adrastus, Parthenopaeus, Pronax, Mecisteus, Aristomachus, and Eriphyle. (Apollod. i. 9. § 13; Pind. Nem. ix. 14.) Hyginus (l. c.) mentions two other daughters of his. He also occurs among the Argonauts (Apollon. Rhod. ii. 118), and his tomb was shown at Argos. (Paus. ii. 21. § 2.) Being a great grandson of Cretheus, Antimachus in a fragment preserved in Pausanias (viii. 25. § 5) calls him Cretheiades. His own sons, Adrastus and Mecisteus, are sometimes called Talaionides, as in Hom. Il. ii. 566; Pind. Ol. vi. 24.