1. A son of Pelasgus, educated Hera at Stymphalus in Arcadia. (Paus. viii. 22. § 2.)

2. A son of Phegeus. (Paus. viii. 24. § 4.)

3. A son of Aristomachus, one of the Heracleidae. He was the father of Ceisus, Cerynes, Phalces, Agraeus, and Hyrnetho. (Paus. ii. 28; Apollod. ii. 8. § 2.) He was one of the leaders of the Heracleidae into Peloponnesus, and, after the conquest of the peninsula, he received Argos as his share. (Apollod. ii. 8. § 4, &c.; Plat. Min. p. 683, b. ; Strab. viii. p. 389.) His tomb was shown at Temenion near Lerna. (Paus. ii. 38. § 1.) His descendants, the Temenidae, being expelled from Argos, are said to have founded the kingdom of Macedonia, whence the kings of Macedonia called themselves Temenidae. (Herod. viii. 138; Thuc. ii. 99.)