A son of Ares and Demonice or Androdice, and, according to others, a son of Agenor and a grandson of Pleuron, the king of Aetolia. He was the father of Iphiclus, Euippus, Plexippus, Eurypylus, Leda, Althaea, and Hypermnestra. His wife is not the same in all traditions, some calling her Leucippe or Laophonte, a daughter of Pleuron, and others Deïdameia. (Apollod. i. 7. §§ 7, 9, 16, iii. 10. § 5 ; Paus. iii. 13. § 5; Hygin. Fab. 14 ; Schol. ad Apollon. Rhod. i. 146, 201.) His daughters Leda and Althaea are sometimes designated by the patronymic Thestias (Eurip. Iph. Aul. 49 ; Aeschyl. Choeph. 606), and his son Iphiclus by the name Thestiades. (Apollon.Rhod. i. 261.)